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Engine Repair

Winters in Minnesota can be tough on your vehicle. Regular maintenance and routine engine check ups are necessary to keep your vehicle running properly.

Tire Alignment

Between everyday driving, potholes, curbs, and the age of your car, your vehicle's need for an alignment is very common. You should get an alignment check at least once a year or every 12,000 miles.

Oil Changes

An oil change is recommended after every 3,000 miles in order for your engine to continue to run efficiently.

What makes Roadrunner a reliable mechanic shop?

Honest service gives Roadrunner a good name
  • Roadrunner, Inc. is a reliable mechanic shop because of the trust they have created in the community. For nearly 40 years, Roadrunner has been in service, creating a trustworthy business.

  • Roadrunner, Inc. uses the most recent technology to find the source to the problem in your vehicle.
  • Our caring technicians know the lifestyle's of their customers. We try to have your vehicle done as soon as possible, while letting our cutomers know when our job is finished.
  • We care about what we do. You will not have to stress about who handles your vehicle during repairs and maintence. We promise your vehicle will be treated with the best care.

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